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Advertising Profits From Home by Anthony Morrison (Hardcover 2009)

Have you heard of Anthony Morrison?Well he is young and making a lot of money is one way to look at it.That he is a scam artist and owes many people back money for both his books and advice, is another way.
     There has been a very divided and two sided bit of controversy about this gentleman. This is his second book. The year 2008 sees Anthony expanding into the world of publishing with his first book, 'The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You'...Part memoir, part inspirational tale and part instructional tome, The Hidden Millionaire brings Anthony Morrison s template for success to an entire new audience. In 2009 'Advertising Profits From Home' was released along with a huge infomercial campaign, a book / dvd / and special marketing system set going by the same name is released, and of course lots of press making Morrison a target for praise and antagonism.
     Now this is what the author himself ( yes I am saying that his company decided to do a review of his own book on Amazon...okay you can judge that fact for yourselves ). Here is what it says :
     "The is THE MOST AMAZING SYSTEM for making loads of money by learning how to do Affiliate Marketing on the Internet from your home computer. But in order to get the most out of it, it is best to have the whole system, which tells you on video the 3 steps on how to set up your web page in 3 Steps to Earn Fast Profits, and the 3 video set which helps you master the Internet marketing system and maximize profits. The complete system also includes 3 booklets for how to set up advertising with Google, Yahoo!, MSN, MySpace, Twitter, & Facebook (and others). This system is so great for someone who is disabled, home-bound, or works part-time, and wants an additional income. It is simply just a GREAT home business opportunity for anyone who wants to MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET QUICKLY!"  -  Essential Cub "Money Maker
     Now the internet is alive with a slew of anti-Morrison posts and reviews. Most of which go a little like this, in fact these two were posted in response to the self proclomation quoted above.
      "I can't BELIEVE some people have NO SHAME. (sorry couldn't help but mimic your shill) But seriously, I think there's a circle in Dante's Inferno reserved for publishers who post ad copy as a 'review'." - Anonymous, Been There Done That
     "wow, if reviewing your own product was a crime this guy would be in handcuffs right now. its so blatant. and twitter doesn't even have advertising. this is a SCAM. stay away." -  J. Payne
     Okay, only the reader can decide how to vote on the author or his work. For those who don't know much about Anthony Morrison, here is a little info about what motivated and shaped his business thinking, and what experience he has with inernet / entrprenurial ventures prior to 2009.
     "Anthony Morrison is a driven and focused online marketing mastermind who is always ahead of the crowd. Anthony launched his internet empire for a reason that many people would not expect. His venture into online revenue streams came as a result of a horrible event that sent his family into a financial crisis. While in college studying to be a doctor, Anthony's family lost their entire life savings when "WorldCom" went bankrupt and their stock value plummeted. His father, Roger Morrison, was 64 years old at the time and had no way of supporting a family of 5 people.
     Anthony wanted to help. So while in college he started his first internet business. He has since launched other internet businesses, and has been able to generate millions of dollars right from his bedroom.
     He said, "I wanted to help my family. I have always been a focused and driven person. I never that about failure or the "what if" factor. That's what I challenge many of my students to do today."-
     But there is a darkside to his promises and the book / system that he has been marketing. As this woman on so clearly explains.
     "I just watched Anthony morrisons infomercial for the first time late last nite..I was actually sold into his “nice guy” routine..and was considering using my last little bit of money on my pre-paid debit card to purchase his books and cd…but Im a I decided to google him first..which brought me to his website..then I started looking at the posts of the members on his site…just to see what people were saying about his products and if they were truely making any money with this advertising profits from home…post after post I read, regarding ppl from all walks of life that read the book or were reading the book…and you know what??? 99% of the ppl who posted said pretty much the same thing…great book, but I still dont have a clue about how to make this money….or nice book but I wish there ws some sort of step by step guide on how to get started…..then i read a post that someone said he was in ca-hoots with some guy named donald barrett who is a known felon and scam artist…….which lead me to google him again, this time adding this other guys name along with it….
     Trust me when I say, I am a devils advocate about nearly everything..but I do not believe in this so called “system” that Mr. Morrison is selling anymore. I too found discrepancies in his story “time-line” of events (when he started his business, etc;) he contradicts himself several times regading info that he should know by heart if it were true.
     That old saying if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. ..yeah….I believe whole heartedly that this applies to this so called system that Mr. Morrison is selling…..its not a system that he’s selling..its books…with a bit of added inspirational and heartfelt words to keep you encouraged and keep you reading. I DO however believe that he can inspire some of those buy into it..but its just like he wont be a millionaire…." Cherie B. , VA
     Well I am not one to promote or endorse most internet based business books or programs. But in the interests of this blog, I thought it was only fair to give this book a good review from my end. I have found that it genuinely has helped me overcome my internet learning curve. It expanded my view of how to use social networking, how my internet business could benefit from affiliate advertising, taught me more about blogs, point click marketing, and google advertising - and overnight I began implementing various strategies that I had read for the first time in his book.
     The number one reason I am giving this book a positive review is simple, most books on the subject of internet marketing strategies are written very poorly and are technically so hard to understand for the novice reader that they are useless. Now I am no Black Hat, Red Hat, or really even a neo-hacker - but my internet savy is not that of the village idiot either, I find Morrison's book an easy read that you can apply its ideas simply if you follow the directions. And the book does lay out its strategy in a plan of steps that if followed do at least meet with the promises of Morrison and his corporate endorsements on TV.
     Now for the nay sayers, I am not a member of his site, nor endorsing anything except my own experience with his book and information. In fact the are other ways to find this infomation. Yet sometimes the best business advice does come from the devil himself, I advise those who want to know more about Anthony Morrison just google him. I think he gets paid when you do anyway.

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