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The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss by Theodore Geisel (Hardcover 1995)

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss"This book is moving. in the way that a rainy day or a kitten effect your mood, this book too, will leave you changed. I love this book." - KingNipsy
     This is a must find for all long time fans of Dr. Seuss, and a must see for those who just appreciate unusual art. It is a first hand look into the private world of Theodore Geisel and the creative genius the led to the publication of such great children's books as The Cat in the Hat, The Foot Book, and Green Eggs and Ham.
     Here are just a few Amazon cutomer reviews:    
     "I just love looking at this book! It proves what a witty, complex person Theodore Geisel was, and how his work is not "just for children." -  A Customer, at Amazon.
     "A visually stunning body of work. This book shares rare and unusual images not seen in the series of children's books Dr. Seuss penned. Some of the images are dark and disturbing but then that's what makes it worth seeing. A wonderful and beautifully written forward by Maurice Sendak, another children's author, adds an interesting insight to the quirky and unique personality, of my beloved childhood hero, Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss." - rock girl, Chicago
      "The art in this book is much different from what I expected from Dr. Seuss, but not in a bad way. This book gives a new insight into his mind. I particularly enjoyed the sculptures because it really brought life to some of the characters that he has come up with. For all Seuss fans, I hightly recommend this one." - Jem, Georgia
     And a more professional point of veiw:
     "Beyond Dr. Seuss's work for children is an entirely different world--perhaps similar in whimsy and humor, but even more wondrous. The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss is a short (less than 100 pages) and beautiful full-color coffee-table book filled with cartoons, sketches, and oil paintings. The collection of birds, cats, lions, and pointy-headed people is fairly familiar territory for any true Seuss fan, but with a deeper amount of detail and more sophisticated tones. A favorite design in ink is titled "Impractical Marshmallow Toasting Device"--it's easy to see Seuss didn't find art to be a serious business. And could the oil painting "Cat from the Wrong Side of the Tracks" be a rendition of Cat in the Hat's evil twin? A wonderful, intriguing book for Seuss fans of all ages."  - Jill Lightner
     There are a number of really cool things that you can only find in this book. My favorites being : a portrait of what appears to be Adolf Hitler, a large painted mural that is a multi-colored field of thousands of cat eyes peering from a violet darkness, a series of wood carved heads that were apparently mounted in Seuss' own home (they are truly the most amazing thing the book has to offer), and many short sketches and paintings that let you easily see where Geisel would eventually incorporate them beyond these artist prototypes.
      There are also lots of details and a few photos of the doctor at work that also make it worth the read. The color work is so vivid, any fans will be impressed. This is truly one of the more unsual artistic books I have seen in many years.
      And a personal fave of mine...

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