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2000: Consumer Solutions for the Worst Techincal Blunder in History: A Survival Guide for the Year 2000 Problem by Jim Lord (Paperback 1997)

2000: Consumer Solutions for the Worst Techincal Blunder in History: A Survival Guide for the Year 2000 Problem

I am writing an short but to the point article about this book for three reasons, all of which are pretty much personal both in opinion and my need to express them. The First One is - that this may have been one of the worst examples of a scam artist hoax that has ever been written, this I address directly to Jim Lord should he wish to correspond. The Second One is, that I am glad to see his book is no longer even able to sell for more than 0.01 on Real justice would be if this book never made anyone - the author, the publisher, or their descendants another red cent. The Third One is that this book may have single handledly already influenced so many people with Millenial Minded madness that future events may cause these same people who survived Y2K in tact and fine - to once again go off the deep end in panic, conspiracy, and paranoia over the upcoming end of the Mayan Long Count calendar on the winter solstice at midnight on the date 12 . 21 . 2012.
     "This book was written because The Y2K Problem scares me to death and I don't think enough is being done to prepare for it. The purpose of the book is to help the reader make those critical preparations. Here are the most important things I want you to know when you have finished A Survival Guide For The Year 2000 Problem:
    1. How to protect your financial assets from Y2K related problems
    2. How to safeguard your critical, private information from Y2K losses and contamination
    3. How to protect yourself against the physical dangers caused by the Y2K Crisis
    4. How to influence decision makers to take action on Y2K "
 - this is an actual excerpt from Jim Lord's Book  on the Y2K disaster that was impending, or the 'Millenial Bomb' as he calls it over and over again in the book. And don't take my word for it, there were thousands and thousands of intelligent people, business men and women, scientists, ...all of them much smarter than I am at 41 years old - everyone of them sucked into this profiteering propoganda that Lord and others like him spread. Their only goals being obvious, quick influence on an expansive computer market, bad investments and debts from their own failure to produce successful computer market products, and to make some big quick, cold hard cash before the last toll of the 1999 years' bell ringing.
     The other point I wish to make is about not John Lord or his book, but about the similarities between te Y2K hysteria, and the just as blindsided view that many persons I know are beginning to shape about the 2012 Planetary Alignment that is less than two years away. I know some of you are just being exposed to this event and information concerning it, and some of you may react in an unsure or state of worry, But it is equally possible the Mayan Calendar ending might just be the stone age astronomers equivalent of Y2K...the calendar ends, because they found out nothing more than their calcualtions were off - and maybe they just suddenely found themselves at a crossroad. And the calendar way just a tool of their observations.
     I guess I can sum it up in the immortal words of Roger Daltrey and the Who ." I Won't Get Fooled Again..."

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