Thursday, March 18, 2010

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th edition by Uncle Fester (Paperback 2009)

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, Seventh EditionSecrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th editionThis book is one of the most sought after works of scientific chemistry and illegal details on the high end production of drugs ever to be published. It is also the reason that the proliferaton of the methamphetamine industry grew in such leaps and bounds over the decades. If you thought that street kids or the Hells Angels invented the cooking of meth, you have been sadly misinformed. And since ths one is a particularlly sensative scourge to the federal government , I think  I shall just let the fans and one lawyer's testaments tell the tale for me.
     "A lot of underground manuals just don't stack up. They offer commonsense advice but hardly any hard-core instructions. This book is different. Uncle Fester gives detailed plans." -Outposts
"Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture by Uncle Fester delivers the goods. Believe it or not, it was featured on 60 Minutes....Every single way of making methamphetamine is covered here." -The Book Reader
     "The best book ever written in the field of clandestine chemistry has just gotten even better with a new 8th edition. I present a new and very easy method for cooking ephedrine from health food store and hardware store materials. This eliminates the need to purchase the heavily regulated and polluted pills. I also present a series of new recipes which eliminate the need for obtaining iodine, red Phosphorus or anhydrous ammonia. The older recipes have been improved to make use of the weak or adultered materials now commonly found on store shelves. Everyone interested in the rapidly changing field of clandestine chemistry should have a copy of this book! " - Anonymous
     And this is what a realtive of the original author , Pugsley had to say about his Uncle Fester,"Though my Uncle thought he was creating a wonderful low-profile reduction scheme using palladium metal and an electric current; he kinda dropped the ball by using Acetic Acid as one of the solvents. Acetic Acid has become closely watched as it is the reagent used to convert Morphine into Heroin. Why has My Uncle has sent us over to that side of town to make a little meth? All I can say is the guy has a weird sense of humor. That being said My Uncle did include a little synth my sister Wendsday wrote up detailing how to make bromosafrole, from very common materials. This is the real success of the book; as it a true "Apartment dwellers X". 
     If anything Fester is crtitcized most for knowing his chemistry so well, and in such detail that most of the tecniques are well behind the average person's comprehension. He also coined a couple other important works on making LSD and Meth advance techniques. So now you know, there are real receipes that you street tweekers ought to seek out if you are going to cook meth, please quit blowing youselves up.

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