Wednesday, March 24, 2010

H. P. Lovecraft: The Ultimate Collection: 101 Stories, 45 Poems, Biography, and Bibliography in One Volume by H. P. Lovecraft (Kindle Edition)

A short but important review for those who are fans of H.P. Lovecraft. For the first time ever his entire collection of Science fiction and Horror Stories has been released in the Kindle Version for Amazon. The amazing thing is that it is only being sold for the meger price of $3.99. It makes me almost want to to and buy a Kindle myself, it would well pay for itself when you count the cost of quality Lovecraft books with all of the stories and poems contained herein.
     "A lot of thought and care was obviously put into this nice and humongous collection of Lovecraft stories. If you are a fan of lovecraft or horror then this is the only collection of his you'll ever need. A whopping 101 stories of his are included in this one volume, many of which I'd never heard of. I like that the table of contents for stories includes his works that are lost (but obviously not included). The linked table of contents for the stories are arranged chronologically in the order he wrote them, which is interesting because it shows the progression of the various stages of themes in his writing, and each story's title page includes the date written and published information.

     "Also included are 45 of his poems. This is my first introduction to his poetry, and I read somewhere that Lovecraft considered himself first and foremost a poet. This isn't the entire collection of his poems, however, but after looking through the bibliography of his poems (included in this volume) it's easy to see why. Lovecraft wrote hundreds upon hundreds of poems, which would make up an entire book in itself." K.G. Barnes on
     This is one not to be missed if you are a collector.

Those interested in more of Howard Phillips Lovecraft might also fancy these eerie selections.

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