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Holy Bible (Masonic Heirloom Edition) by Heirloom Bible Publishing (Hardcover 1994)

Holy Bible (Masonic Heirloom Edition)
While the world claims to be more enlightened and better for the Holy Bible in all of its forms, most still do not really know much about the history of its translations. And it seems that many do not care to this day...When I realized I actually own this most beautiful edition of the Bible, I was saddened to see actual comments like these being posted by customers on
      Brian D. Koppenhaver says: "Amazon Books one of the best places to buy The Word of God supporting the Satanic Freemasons."
      Thank goodness there is still some sensability among the Chrisitan faith. As this reply inspires me to believe there is...even if a little biased as well. "Thanks for sharing. May God forgive you for your judgement of others. Truly not a Christian act. Perhaps you should re-read Luke 6:37 or Matthew 7:1." - Rev. Cody Maxwell, Master Mason.
     I think it is not necessary to speak for either side myself, but I do think this quote from an actual Mason might say it better than I could try...
Holy Bible Masonic Editon     "When I was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, this was the volume upon which I took my sacred vows and thus obligated myself, and the volume which my Worshipful Master presented to me as his gift for my becoming the newest Master Mason in our Lodge. I've previewed through this sacred volume and as a Bible-believer, it is a special set of Scriptures with unique Masonic history in it that is both beneficial to both the new Master Mason and those who are non-Masons and are interested in our humble Craft. I should hope every new Mason should be given a copy, and if not, should seek to obtain one. We truly are members of the greatest Fraternity in existence and for those who are not yet Masons but are interested in becoming one, remember, 2B1 ASK1! " - Eric J. Martin ( Virginia Beach , VA )
1949 Holy Bible Masonic Temple Illustrated Edition, and King Solomon's Temple in Masonry. Illustrated, with King James Version, of the Holy Bible (Leather Bound) (Masonic Bible)     According to product descriptions "... the only Masonic Edition of the Bible with all these features: Masonic, Scottish Rite, and Eastern Star Records, Masonic Presidents. Freemasonry and the Holy Bible - Taking you through the internal workings of Freemasonry from the first to the thirty-third degree. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry. Order of the Eastern Star. Questions and Answers Relating to the History and Work of Freemasonry. (Three women who were Masons!). Biblical Index to Freemasonry - giving references by books, chapter and verse to phrases, characters, events and places associated with the ritual and teachings of Freemasonry. King Solomon's Temple. The Tabernacle of Moses. Words of Christ in Red. This blue cover Bible has gilded page edges."
     I am mainly reviewing this Holy Bible to make a simple point. The Bible has been torn historically to pieces through the centuries, by every language and culture that has a hand in it ( funny since so few Christians refer to the Old Testament as the Torah - a very nice way to just write the Jewish Faith out of the whole scheme or involvement in it's existence ). Also anyone criticiszing the Freemasonic Orders should take a little time to read their Crusade histories, in particular the of the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar Orders. If anyone has show devotion, respect and actually given their lives to ensure the existance of the Living Word that is the Bible of has been the Masons. They are far from Satanic in their views, and have every reson to be offended to such commentary.
     I came upon this edition quite by accident buying books to sell. But I think this one is probably going to stick around in my collection for a while now that I know more about it. And for those of you who do not realzie it, there are Masonic Editions of every Christian version of the Bible. Catholic, King James, Greek , even Coptic. I have thrown a few examples at the end of the article for those interested in such things.
     Holding it in m own hands and looking through the very detailed illustrations in its first few pages, I can attest as a non-Chrisitan or Mason, that it is a true illustration that the Holy Bible is one of the great works of artisitry ever successfully put into print. It  is truly a testament to the achievements of mankind to this point.
     That at least is how I choose to see it.

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